Small Cheese

Worth1000 Tell You If I Am Rich

I can’t recall that I’d received a similar joke before, but I’m really cheered to have read this Gmail Junk today – Some of the creative Photoshop-made pictures posted in telling you what will happen if “I’m rich”!

Here the funny junk goes…IF I AM RICH

I’ll buy and own the Moon:
buy and own the moon

I’ll build a house on the Moon with a great Earth-view:
Earth-view property built on the Moon

I’ll have bungalow with golf course on the mothership:
bungalow and golf course built on mothership

Only toilet paper with greenback printing will be served:
Toilet paper with greenback printing

Only the best perfume to fill my swimming pool:
Perfume-filled swimming pool

Only using laptop with diamond trimming and gold-crafted casing:
Laptop with diamond trimming and gold-crafted casing.

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