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The Shortest Chinese Pairing Poem

In conjunction of the coming Chinese New Year celebration, the pairing poem is always most wanted among business community.

Some of the most seen pairing poem are such as [ 生意兴隆通四海 财源茂盛达三江 ] ; [ 源运昌隆增百福 富业振兴获千祥 ] ; [ 天增岁月人增寿 春满乾坤福满堂 ] …

I don’t really know the correct word to translate “对联” in English. In short, the traditional Chinese New Year celebration will paste two pieces of red colour paper on the left and right hand side of the main door, written with pairing poem that spell good luck for the family!

But, do you ever know there is one shortest, most motivated, meaningful pairing poem? This is the one – only one word on the left and one up-side-down on the right to form the pairing poem:

The shortest, most motivated, meaningful Chinese pairing poem

I recall that this pairing poem was written for the spring celebration during World War II (Japanese invaded China during that time). During that most frustrated period of life, nobody really had good mood neither for the celebration nor to write good words.

Someone, however, wrote that shortest pairing poem on the main door to motivate every Chinese who can read:

Please stand up to live (fight) and not bend your knee to beg for life!

So, are you motivated for better 2008 as well?

My favourite pairing poem – 田园风光绝好 农家岁月更新!

Happy Chinese New Year and Good Luck!

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