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Getting Canon MP145 From Low Yat Or Carrefour

Carrefour is few of the well-known hypermarkets that selling goods at cheaper price tag. But, I assure you that this is not always true.

My friend Alfonso had just brought himself a Canon MP-145 AIO multi-function printer at RM 240. He was so pleased to get it from All IT hypermarket @ Low Yat (well-known IT Centre with dealer price tags), which he said the price was at least 5 bucks lower than the other computer shops he had been to.

But, do you ever know how much expensive is this printer selling elsewhere?

This is the All IT receipt – Canon AIO Printer @ RM 240:

Canon MP145 AIO printer selling at RM 240 at Low Yat ALL IT hypermarket!

This is the Carrefour brochure for 11-23 Jan 2008 version 2 – The same printer is sold @ RM 288, which is 48 bucks more than the price at Low Yat!

Carrefour selling Canon MP145 AIO printer at RM 288.

Verdict – There is no one place you can get all goods at cheaper price. Some of the odd / less popular items (from the seller perspective) are usually selling at higher price to compensate the discount given to hot-sell items!

Happy Shopping and good luck!

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