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How To Configure And Play Raiden III PC Game

If you haven’t download the Raiden III PC game, download a copy now from FileFront (fastest) or RapidShare (if you have a premium account).

Download Raiden III arcade game for Windows from FileFront or RapidShareDownload Raiden III arcade game for Windows from FileFront or RapidShare
  1. Extract the to a folder,
  2. Double click the Raiden3.exe executable file,
  3. Wait until the “PUSH START BUTTON” message appears on screen,
  4. Gently press the ENTER key to start with Raiden 3 configuration,
  5. Use the Arrow key to select “GAME START” option and hit the ENTER key again to jump in the gameplay right away!

Similarly, use the Arrow key to loop through the MAIN MENU options and press ENTER key to bring a sub-menu. For PLAY MODE option, press the Right / Left key to choose for solo player, double or dual player mode.

As usual, you can rely on the Right / Left key to choose other sub-options as well. To exit from the sub-menu, just hit the ESC key or move to EXIT option and press ENTER key.

If you find the game too difficult to break or complete the mission, proceed to OPTION menu and set the DIFFICULTY to PRACTICE, PLAYER STOCK to 5 and BOMB STOCK to 7.

Now, you’re ready to play. Use the Arrow key to fly the Raiden Jet around, continuously pressing Z key to shoot and X key to fire missile!

Cool! Right?

Last bonus – take a brief of Raiden III loaded weapon and its features:

Vulcan – Shoots which spreads out in an arc with stretching barrage – useful to attack enemies from all sides.

Laser – Shoots a stream of blue laser at the straight line – no defensive spread, i.e. leave the Raiden jet vulnerable to enemy attacks from the side. However, this weapon can easily destroy tough enemies and bosses in a little time.

Proton Laser – Shoots a green laser that can swing in an arc while turning left or right and can penetrate through enemies and bosses, but its damage is relatively slow and can’t “lock” onto enemies. If possible, I always try not to choose a Proton Laser for my Raiden!

Nuclear missile (M bomb) – Shoots dumb-fire missiles that spread out to attack enemies in wide area.

Homing missile (H Bomb) – Shoots missiles that automatically target the closest enemy from around the player. However, the H Bomb only bring a weak damage to enemies.

Radar missile (R Bomb) – Shoots missiles that heads straight for the enemy and can cause similar damage of M Bomb!

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  1. Devilkazama 16-08-10 03:47

    What about the 2nd player controls and what is the difference between Dual and Double mode?