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Loosen Bolt Without Wrench!

Well, this is a really cool trick to apply when you cannot find a wrench to loosen fastener (bolt).

How To Re-activate Windows Or Microsoft Office Without Internet

You may find this solution very convenient to help you re-activate the Windows or Office without internet access and as fast as less than a minute.

How To Install Office 2016 Pro Plus Without Internet Connection

What if one day you lost the DVD or the media file not detected, This post will show you how to install Office without internet connection at home.

How To Get A Genuine Microsoft Office With A Cheapest Cost

As a home user we need to pay an expensive cost to own a genuine Microsoft office that may not be affordable by some of us. In this post I will guide you how to get it with a cheapest cost as long as you are an active employee with the company that has a Microsoft volume licensing.

How To Build A Heater With Candles?

It’s not impossible to build a working heater with just ordinary candles, ceramic pots and bricks.

Lumia Cyan Update With Background Photo And Tiles Setting

With the recent new Lumia Cyan update, the Windows Phone user now can customize the background photo and also allow more tiles to show up on the main startup screen .

Lumia Cyan Update With the Word Flow Keyboard

After the New Windows Phone OS (Lumia Cyan) updated there are many new features added and the one I like the most is the Word Flow Keyboard.


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