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How To Install Office 2016 Pro Plus Without Internet Connection

What if one day you lost the DVD or the media file not detected, This post will show you how to install Office without internet connection at home.

Many software in the market now did not provide full offline installer and you have to perform installation online unless you purchase from the retail shop that sale with the CD/DVD. Otherwise you may be difficult to do the setup online if you are not a broadband subscriber .

To proceed the installation you must have purchased a valid product key for the software, and then try to download the ISO file that match the version of the product key when you have free internet access area like Cafe WIFI or office WIFI.

1. Check with your company IT department whether they have a valid MSDN subscription to download the ISO file from the site.
a. If yes, then request a copy of the ISO file without the product key.
b. Open Google and try to search whether someone shared the ISO file. Since the source not from Microsoft, you would need to remind that to take your own risk for using the installer.
c. If you purchased the office software from HUP, then you have to subscript internet and run the exe file to do setup online.

2. After you have obtained the ISO file in step 1. You can proceed to burn it to CD/DVD.You have another option to install a tool that can read ISO file.

3. After you install the office software successfully, you will be prompt to key in product key for the first time you can open any Office application.

4. Key in your valid product key and then install or activate it. You must confirm that the product key you have must match with the Office version you have installed on the device.

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