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How To Build A Heater With Candles?

It’s not impossible to build a working heater with just ordinary candles, ceramic pots and bricks.

The main advantage of this DIY heater is being a quick, cost-effective solution. It definitely helps to reduce your energy bill spent on warming the room, to survive winter’s bitter cold.
CAUTION: The heated pot can be easily more than 100 degree Celsius and thus can seriously hurt you if handle it with carelessness.

In additional, burning candles in poorly ventilated room could be fatal due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Of course, poor handling could lead to fire as well.

Without more delay, here is the video guide for your reference, if you’re interested in DIY heater:

For the English speaking audience, here is the narration and written guide by the Daily Mail UK.

See also reference on burning candles safely as well as candles and cancers.

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