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How To Activate The Call Divert Options For Windows Lumia 625

I believe the call divert options will not be strange although you are using the old NOKIA phone. However this feature you may not be able to get it in Lumia 625. I will show you how to activate this feature by using the code.

Actually this feature added for many phone type, just don’t have idea why the windows phone remove all this option and replace with the “call forward” where once you activated this feature no matter in what conditions all the call will be forwarded. That’s not the way we want. We want to select the divert option based on the condition like “Busy”, “unreachable”, “no answer”.

After some user submitted the complaint there is an update from Apps Store to update Network+ for this enhancement. Unfortunately, after I updated I find no different with previous version where just call waiting only, but it is working good in Lumia 920. After I reboot the phone it still the same. So I Google to find is there any solution to activate this in Lumia 625 and finally I find the list of codes that are working.

I’m not sure whether it’s international accepted code or based on phone model, but I tested this in Lumia 625 ,Lumia 920 and old Nokia phone 8210 – All working.

The list of code to activate call divert based on the conditition


The status if you have run the code successfully


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