Small Cheese

No More 5% Cash Rebate For OCBC Titanium Credit Card!

Oh no! Just stumble upon the bad news, and confirmed by OCBC card center operator, that the bank is going to end the 5% cash rebate program after the end of this November!

The official product page, however, has not updated to reveal the bank decision. Though, there is a PDF document link at the bottom of page (insignificant location where most people will ignore), titled Revision to OCBC Credit Card Features, Fees & Charges (under the header that says Credit Card Notification):

OCBC revises the cash rebate percentage for OCBC Titanium cash rebate credit card.

It says “1% rebate on total retail spending”. There is no word on whether the 50 bucks cap is still applicable. But, with the 1% rebate rate, it’s hard for most small cheese (like you and me) to hit that 50 bucks cash rebate per month limit. Unless, if you’re kind of shopaholic.

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