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Maxis Hotlink Free Internet Plan – What Do You Know?

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see people wandering with a smart phone capable of connecting to Internet. Maxis may have recognized that online, or connecting to Internet, has become a necessity. So, the telco introduces a free Internet plan for prepaid users (and they may want to extend this offer to postpaid subscribers too).

But, what’s the catch of this free Internet plan? Here are some notes for your attention, with reference to #Hotlink free internet plan T&C:

For new Hotlink user, just go buy one #Hotlink plan starter kit (RM 8.80 with RM 5 airtime and 5-day active period upon activation).

For existing hotlink user, you must explicitly change your current prepaid plan (e.g. Hotlink Active10) to this new prepaid plan called #Hotlink plan.
So, don’t simply turn on mobile data function on your smart phone until you’ve successfully migrated to #Hotlink plan (which could take 2 hours or more). Maxis will notify you about the migration status via SMS.

Two ways to switch from existing plan to #Hotlink Plan:

Dial *108*25# to upgrade to #Hotlink Plan. OR, dial *100# > Hotlink Specials > Upgrade to New Hotlink Plan.

1. Users on these plans CANNOT migrate to free Internet plan – Hotlink Youth Club, Hotlink Campus Edition, Hotlink Kelantan, Hotlink Terengganu, Hotlink Sabah, & Hotlink Sarawak Plan.

2. Maxis will charge RM 5 for each successful migration.

3. You can’t switch to other Hotlink prepaid plan, once you’ve switched to #Hotlink plan!

4. The feature of Validity 90 and Validity 365 are not applicable to #Hotlink Plan.

5. The so-called “cheaper” call / SMS rate offered by Active10 / Active5 are not applicable to #Hotlink Plan too!
Actually, the #Hotlink plan sounds cheaper than Hotlink Active10 plan:

1. This free Internet prepaid plan charges a flat rate of 12 cents per 30-second block and 7 cents per SMS to all local networks. There is no mention of different charge rate during peak and off-peak hours.

2. The standard Active10 plan charges 30 cents per minute (6 cents expensive than #Hotlink plan which is 24 cents per minute) during peak hours (10.00 am to 12.00 midnight). Its call charge rate is cheaper during off-peak hours, and SMS charge rate is 2 cents cheaper than #Hotlink plan.

Hotlink Active10 call and SMS charge rate.

For more FAQ, check it out at the bottom section of this official site.

Detail of Hotlink Free Internet:

1. What you get for free Internet is actually a dial-up speed limited to 64kbps and subject to a monthly Fair Usage Policy of 3GB. Once you’ve reached this quota, free Internet service will be disconnected.
Don’t worry about the 3GB quota, as you hardly hit this limit with that turtle speed.

Suppose that the connection is stable (no more than 5% packet loss in ping test), you should able to enjoy lightweight Internet activity like Whatsapp, email, RSS reading, etc (as long as there are more text, less graphic content).

2. Basic Internet is only FREE when your #Hotlink plan is on Active Period, excluding Grace Period! That’s to say, as long as you can make chargeable call, then you’re entitle for free Internet!

3. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sharing & Internet tethering is not allowed on Free Basic Internet.

4. When high speed mobile Internet is desperately needed, you can subscribe to the mobile Internet passes at additional cost (you can cancel auto renewal for the weekly/monthly plan):

Maxis Hotlink high speed mobile Internet fee

My view
I think I should switch from Hotlink Active10 to #Hotlink free Internet plan, as the call rate is cheaper (though the SMS charge rate is 2 cents more expensive) and the ability to Whatsapp and email at no additional cost (with option to go for high-speed mobile Internet on needed/ad-hoc basis). What do you think?

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