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When I Sign In Skype With Hotmail ID It Returns Error Message – Sorry, We Didn’t Recognize Your Sign in Details.

I’ve used Skype messenger since Microsoft Live migrated and all the while working fine, but suddenly last Friday when I try to sign in it returns me the error – Sorry, we didn’t recognize your sign-in details. Please check your Skype name and password, then try again.

I tried many possible solutions to get it resolve but none of them can work. This sign in problem only targeted to certain user because my friend’s ID got no issue, so I have to raise a ticket to Skype to investigate the problem.

After I raised the ticket for some hours I got an email from the support team to inform me they already identified the problem and started working on it. On the next day the problem has been resolved and I can sign-in to Skype with my Hotmail ID without any problem.

For those who encounter the same problem, you can refer to the link below to get help from the team.

How To Contact Skype Support

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