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Object Will Be Different If The Launch Sequence Of Application Are Wrong

I believe some may find that why sometime the object recorded may not be same with the one captured previously. This problem is due to the Launch sequence of the application are wrong.

I thought it may be the program code has been modified by the programmer but didn’t notify me for the change that’s why the object is different. After I found the reason then I only aware there is actually another possibility that cause the object appear differently.

I discovered that this problem always happen if I open the web based application in IE first only then launch QTP 11. However, if I launch the QTP 11 first only follow by the test application, the QTP able to capture the objects same as previously.

Below is the sample of object that I recorded

Open browser and login to the system then launch QTP 11
This will miss the object “Browser(“”)

Launch QTP 11 then open browser and login to the system

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