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China Guilin Trip Itinerary For 5D4N – Day 2

The second day of the trip schedule we will check-out and depart to YangShuo阳朔. We will stay 1 night in YangShuo.

Day 2

0700 to 0800 – We take breakfast in the hotel.

0800 to 1010 – We go to Tunnel Hill/Chuanshan Hill(穿山岩).

1030 to 1130 – After the Tunnel Hill we continue to Bao Shu Tang(宝树堂) for the introduction of Chine Traditional Medicine.

1130 to 1315 – We lunch at one of the restaurant then depart to Yangshuo(阳朔). It takes more than 1 hour to reach the place.

1315 to 1415 – After 1 hours journey the first visiting place is Shiwai Taoyuan/Shangri-La Yangshuo(世外桃源).

1430 to 1600 – After that we continue to LiJiang River scenic (漓江游).

1600 to 1800 – We go to New Li River hotel (新漓江酒店) check-in and tour guide give us short break so we walk to Yangshuo Park (阳朔公园).

1800 to 1900 – We take dinner in the hotel restaurant.

1900 to 2200 – We didn’t join the group for the Impression Sanjie Liu (印象刘三姐) so after dinner both of us go to West Street (西街步行街) for shopping.

2230 – Reach hotel and rest.

1. According to the tour guide tourist must be careful and awareness of their belonging because there are many thieves.
The Entrance Of Tunnel Hill - Chuanshan Hill穿山岩The Tunnel Hill Direction MapTunnel Hill-Longevous Old Man Greeting GuestsTunnel Hill-The High Mountain WaterfallTunnel Hill-The Crystal Lobster水晶龙虾Tunnel Hill-The Water Curtain Cave水帘洞Tunnel Hill-Hairy StoneThe Luo Han Guo罗汉果The Food For LunchThe Water Wheel At The Entrance Of Shiwai TaoyuanThe Chinese Wooden BoatThe View Of Shiwai TaoyuanThe Scene Of LiJiang River-01The Scene Of LiJiang River-02The Scene Of LiJiang River-03The New Li River HotelThe Street In Front Of New Li River HotelYangshuo's Famous Dish- Beer Fish阳朔啤酒鱼The Funny Restaurant NameYangshuo West Street西街-01Yangshuo West Street-02

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