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China Guilin Trip Itinerary For 5D4N – Day 1

Last year I won a ground package that sponsored by the travel agency – Pelancongan Malinja Sdn Bhd to China Guilin (桂林). This package comes with a black-out date so we are not allowed to redeem during the peak season, so in the end my wife and I choose the trip on April.

From my previous trip I use to plan the travel itinerary my own after doing the online research but since we have a free tour package so we just enjoy the trip and let the tour agent plan the itinerary for us.

Day 1

0400 – We drive to LCC Terminal Airport.

0600 to 0630 – We sit in the lobby and wait for boarding.

1030 – We are successfully landed to China Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (桂林两江国际机场).

1045 to 1208 – The tour guide already waiting to welcome us, after that we go to the shop that nearby the Jingjiang Palace and Mausoleum (靖江王府) for a light lunch at ZhongHua road (中华路).

1210 to 1330 – After the lunch we go to visit Jingjiang Palace and Mausoleum (靖江王府) and inside got some hotspot like Solitary Beauty Peak (独秀峰), Yat-sen Park (孙中山公园), Couple tree (夫妻树).

1330 to 1440 – We continue to Di Bao Silk Product at Guilin Branch (帝宝丝绸) for the introduction of silk product. After that we go to Vienna hotel (维也纳酒店) check-in and take a short break.

1530 to 1800 – Go to Banyan Lake and Cedar Lake (榕湖和杉湖) to see the Sun and Moon pagoda (日月塔), Glass Bridge (玻璃桥), Ancient South Gate (古南门), Xihu(西湖).

1810 to 1900 – We take dinner at Zhen Yuan Jiu Lou (珍苑酒楼) that nearby Xihu.

1930 to 2100 – We go to Liu San Jie Art Museum (刘三姐纪念馆) to watch the show. After the show we back to the hotel.

1. April is the raining season according to the tour guide the most suitable month to come Guilin is September to October. Besides, this period also the Sweet Olive Season, tourist can smell the scent of the flower everyway especially at Jingjiang Palace & Mausoleum there are many Sweet Olive tree.
This Is The Shop We LunchThe Local Bihun With SoupThe Sweet Olive Tree Along The Road At Jingjiang Palace & MausoleumThe Entrance Of Jingjiang Palace And Mausoleum靖江王府The Direction Map Of Jingjiang Palace And MausoleumThe Couple Tree夫妻树The Vienna hotelThe Room Of Vienna HotelThis Bayan Tree More Than Thousand YearsThe Sun And Moon Pagoda日月双塔The Ancient South Gate Just For Photo And Not Open To VisitThe Chinese Tea Shop At XiHu云普天下

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  1. Soon Yiu 24-10-15 18:16

    Hi, I would like to know how is the overall service of the Pelancongan Malinja Sdn Bhd?
    i planned to buy their ground tour package.

    1. Is the itinerary too packed?
    2. will the tour guide force you to buy anything from those factory

    Looking forward for yout reply. Thanks

  2. WhoKnow 26-10-15 11:18

    Service not bad and tour guide very friendly.

    1. The package only for 4D3N, we extended 1 day for DIY. you have to inform them early. then last day join back the team and dapart to air-port.
    2. The tour guide for our group quite nice, he won’t show you “black face” if you don’t buy.

    I don’t know how many tour guide located there, but the one lead our group was nice.