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How To Completely Remove The System Default Sharing For Windows

As some may know if you have problem to access specific folder in the network but as long as you have the access right to that machine then you can use the “machine disk drive + $” sign to break the security. If the backdoor open then how can we completely remove this default sharing by the Window system to protect the user privacy?

Yes, you probably could do that but provided the network administrator agree or the network is created for home user. Some time default sharing is to provide convenient to the network user who would like to have full access right to modify the data, share data or file transfer to the machine.

This action can be as simple as just type in “ \\\d$\” , then the network user will have the right to create folder, modify the file and delete file.

If the default sharing feature for that machine has been removed then it would be inconvenient to do such actions and each time need to remote desktop to complete the request.

Remote desktop then create a folder and share the folder and some time need to grant certain access right to the specific network user.

Anyway, this is regarding to your privacy and you can make decision whether to remove or keep as per current practice. I believe nobody would like to disclose the privacy without notification.

1. Go to run and type “regedit” and then “Yes” to the user account control.
2. Go to the path
3. Modify the value data for “AutoShareWks” to “0”

If not found then create a new value name
Value Type : Reg_Dword
Value Name : AutoShareWks
Value : 0

4. Reboot the machine to take effect for the changes.

– I can’t remember does the Windows XP share the external harddisk drive by default once it’s connected but Windows 7 confirm shared as I tested with my machine.

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