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What To Feed For The Young Swordtail Fish

If you have a young swordtail fish or other newly deliver young fish, you will feed them with what kind of food?

I normally feed them with mosquito larvae or the dry earthworm, so the young fish will grows very fast and active. You may find if feeding with mosquito larvae it will change the colour very soon and bigger size compare to those feed with flakes.

Actually this suitable to feed for any other kind of young fish from day 1 to 15 as this period the young fish still very lazy to look for food and they like to eat the smaller piece of food and soft.

These are the two options of food that I feed the young fish.

Option 1 (mosquito larvae)
1. Take some water from the main aquarium into a small container and put under the tree or beside the flowerpot.
2. Check the water every day, once there is mosquito larvae move the larvae(not include the water) to the young fish aquarium.
3. They love it very much.

Option 2 (Dry earthworm)
1. Take a live earthworm and put under the sun for few day until it’s dry enough, so that you can keep for a week.
2. Cut it into smaller piece or put it in the water to become soft only feed the young fish.

Reminder :
The purpose of getting mosquito larvae is for fish.
Some Mosquito species of Aedes that transmit dengue and yellow fever, therefore we must take responsibility to ensure that our environment is always clean and no artificial water containers for mosquito breeding.

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