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The Queen of Passion Flower – Passiflora miniata Vanderplank

Besides enjoying the tasty herbal beggar chicken at New Heong Kee restaurant, it’s great to discover this fascinating red passion fruit flower (scientifically named as Passiflora miniata Vanderplank by John Vanderplank in 2006, as per CinaFong).

It is not hidden somewhere, but grows right at its entrance that everyone pass by should have noticed this charming, vivid flower. There are lot of flowers and buds, but I didn’t see it bearing any fruits just yet.
Red PassifloraArtistic view of the red passion fruit flowerThe queen of PassifloraCartoonize the red Passion fruit flowerRed passion fruit flowerThe buds of Passiflora miniata VanderplankPassiflora miniata Vanderplank

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