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Why Chatime Franchise Worths Few Hundred Thousand?

The initial operating cost for Chatime franchise is about RM250K (as of Nov 2011). I heard it’s RM600K as of yesterday!

Why Chatime bubble tea franchise is so successful?

As a low pay white collar who doesn’t join the peers and colleagues who fancy about this bubble tea, am struggling to understand why it’s so darn expensive yet successful.
1. Not every cars drink petrol, but yeah everyone like to drink Chatime bubble tea. So, don’t bother to open petrol station if you’ve RM600K to invest. After all, the black gold is depleting (soon) and bubble tea popularity will sure last 100 years from now!

2. Best of all, people (mostly white collars and students, seldom see uncles or aunties queue up) just crazy about this cup drink even it’s sold at least 6 bucks – much expensive than buying one liter petrol (even cheaper than the RON97) to feed a machine that take me to work and back home :(

3. The profit margin is probably darn big – the bubble tea is made of (some powders), ices, fruits, milk, pearls (chewy balls made of tapioca starch).

Personally, am quite resist to sweet soft drink of any kinds, especially this expensive yet sweet water, because…I am low pay nerd in the working class of life, leave only little for monthly saving and possesses a under-coverage medical card (because of inflation).

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