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Myanmar(Yangon) Trip Itinerary For 5D4N – Day 5

Today was our last day in Myanmar and also in Bagan City, so we took the earlier flight back to Yangon.

Actually we can leave at afternoon and morning we still have time to go around, because the agent suggested to us try not to take the evening flight. The reason given was the flight may delay due to the raining day, and it may delay us to check-in back to Malaysia also. We don’t want to take the risk so decided to leave Bagan in the early morning.

Day 5
0500 to 0600 – We wake up very early and pack the luggage then check-out.

0600 to 0700 – This day has heavy rain in the early morning and flooding on some of the road but we are lucky can reach Airport on time.

0800 to 1100 – Take internal flight from Bagan to Yangon. That is not a direct flight.

1030 to 1800 – We lunch at Inya Lake Seafood Restaurant, then take taxi to back to Kan Daw Gyi Lake because we really no idea where to spend our time. After we dinner at Dolphin Restaurant, we take taxi back to Yangon International Airport.

1800 – Check-in and then waiting for departure . We reach Malaysia at 0010.

1. The flight ticket we book is not the direct flight and it will stop at Mandalay first only go to Yangon. We sit in the plane for 20 minutes waiting for the fuel refill and passenger boarding.
The Entrance Of Bagan AirportThe Lobby Of Bagan AirportThe Inya Lake View 2The Inya lake View 1

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