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Myanmar(Yangon) Trip Itinerary For 5D4N – Day 1

Yeah…finally I finished the blog and free to post my last year Myanmar trip after I’ve back for some time.

This trip is a bit boring for me but may be different feeling for some other people. We only have limited information and time to plan our trip, so we have missed some interesting place to go due to the peak season from Oct to Dec.

For those willing to go Myanmar, we will strongly advise to do arrangement properly before departure to avoid any inconvenient especially for the transportation. We missed the flight to Inle Lake because we give confirmation late to the agent.

I put the agent information here for you to contact, you can send inquiry regarding the trip information via email and someone will reply you with the details for the trip and fees.

Name : Ms. Aye
No(20), Building (D) , Mya Yeik Nyo Hotel Compound,Pale Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Ph: 95-1-401261
95-1-548310 to 548317 ext (2242)
Email :

Day 1
1530 to 1630 – Drive from home to LCCT.

1630 to 1810 – Baggage drop and document check.

1810 – Depart from LCCT to Myanmar, Yangon.

1930 – Landed in Yangon International Airport.

1950 to 2030 – We take taxi from Yangon Airport to Clover Hotel (Near to Japan Embassy). Normally from Airport to the Hotel is just USD 5 per car, maybe the time we reach at night so the driver charge us USD 5 per person – so expensive.

2100 to 2230 – After check-in the hotel then we walk to Dolpin chinese style restaurant for dinner which need to walk around 10 minutes from the hotel. This restaurant accepts payment in US dollar but the change will be Kyat.

2300 – Back to hotel online and rest.

1. Don’t exchange the Kyat in airport because the rate is very low. You can either exchange in Clover Hotel (or may be the hotel you stay with) or exchange at Bogyoke Aung San Market.
The higher rate is USD 1 = 810 kyats.
The lower rate is USD 1 = 780 Kyats.
* Just for reference and the rate will change from time to time.

2. Take the map before you check in at Yangon Airport, you can get it from the receptionist.

3. Before you travelling to this country, remember get assistance from the hotel staff to email you the hotel address in Myanmar language in case the taxi driver don’t know to read and you can show it to the driver. Some driver may have communication problem in English.

4. Check the US dollar notes all are in good condition. Pencil, ink on the notes will not be accepted except airport shop.

5. I keep the US dollars in the diary book and bring it for all the time in Myanmar. There are others uses of the diary book where you can ask the hotel people write down the place name that you want to go in Myanmar language and give to the people drawing direction when you are lost.

6. Must bargain with the taxi driver each time you stop them. They always charge per taxi, so no matter you have 3 or 4 person.
The Clover HotelThe Dolphin Restaurant01The Dolphin Restaurant02The Jellied Bean Curd With Some Other Vegetable And MushroomThe Braised Pork

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