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How To Copy The Content From Webpage That Has Been Disabled Right Click Option

Did you ever encounter the situation where you can’t copy the content from the site because the right click option has been disabled?

I have tips to share for your convenient. Some time when we found the page is very useful and we may want to save it a copy to machine for future reference, but the page has been added a script to disallow the user copy the content. What to do?

1. Use the keyboard “Print-Screen” – Capture it in image file.
2. Print – Print the page to PDF (dopdf-freeware)
3. Save the page as html – Display nicely same like the original page.

If the page disabled the right click option then how do we save in html?

1. Open internet explorer and try whether you can use the option from the menu toolbar? If both also disabled then forget about it.

2. Look for the option called ”View Source Code” from menu toolbar (Page > view source).

3. By default, the source code will be displayed in notepad unless you have defaulted to other third party tool.

4. Once the source code loaded, select save as to save the content in “.html”. The file must be in html extension.

5. Then run the html file that you have saved and now you should be able to copy the content and edit.

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