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Sea Mango Trees Grow In Sekinchan Paddy Field

You can easily find this tree in Sekinchan paddy field, bearing fruits like mango or passion fruit. The fruit, however, is not edible. Indeed, it contains potent poison that’s fatal!

Scientifically named as Cerbera odollam, a.k.a. suicide tree, pong-pong, or sea mango, which is a tropical shrub normally found at coastal salt swamps and in marshy areas.

According to Wikipedia, the kernel of sea mango contains cerberin (potent alkaloid toxin; hard to be detected in autopsies) that blocks calcium ion channels in heart muscle and thus cause disruption of the heartbeat.

Now, am wonder why these trees are allowed to grow in the paddy field. Or, am I getting wrong name of the tree? Please comment, if you’ve found other reputable sources related to this subject.
Cerbera odollam bears fruits resemble mango or passion fruitCerbera odollam, a.k.a. pong pong, suicide tree, sea mango (cerbera manghas; 海芒果)Cerbera odollam, a.k.a. sea mango, suicide tree, pong-pong, othalanga chiute, othalanga maram, kattu arali, famentana, kisopo, samanta, tangena, buta-buta, bintaro or nyan.Fruit of suicide treeThe shell of a ripe sea mango (cerbera manghas; 海芒果)Sea mango (cerbera manghas; 海芒果)The dried branch of pong-pong treePoisonous sea mangoPong pong trees grow along paddy field drainageSea mango tree in Sekinchan paddy field

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