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Hong Kong Trip Itinerary For 5D4N – Day 3

For third day in Hong Kong, we schedule to visit the two famous places – Hong Kong Ocean Park and Hong Kong Madame Tussaud’s. This day is the most tiring day trip for us because we walk more than 12 hours within the day from early morning, but we are very enjoy the day trip.

Day 3

0730 to 0830 – Breakfast in Mong Kok Ngan Lung银龙粉面茶餐厅.

0830 to 0900 – Take bus (No. A1) to Star Ferry Public Transport Interchange尖沙咀天星码头 and then go to Central Pier中环码头.

0900 to 0950 – Walk to Hong Kong City Hall香港大会堂and take bus (No.90) to Wong Chuk Hang黄竹坑 bus stop.

1015 to 1600 – Enjoy the time in Hong Kong Ocean Park – see Panda, Firefox, Dolphin, play at theme park and watch the animal show.

1600 to 1645 – Walk to the same place where the bus No.90 stopped in the morning (but different direction), take the bus (No.70) to Exchange Square交易广场.

1645 to 1745 – We walk from Exchange Square to the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and Walkway System中环至半山自动扶梯系统, then we exit to Cochrane Street阁麟街 – Lan Fong Yuen兰芳园茶餐厅 try the famous Hong Kong style “Pantyhose” milk tea丝袜奶茶 and the Pork chop bun猪扒包 .

1745 to 1830 – Walk around the Cochrane Street and the wet market.

1830 to 1910 – Walk to Garden Road Peak Tram Station花园道山頂缆車站and queue up at the counter for ticket exchange.

1910 to 2100 – Visiting Madame Tussaud’s杜莎夫人蜡像馆 and Sky Terrace太平山頂凌霄阁摩天台.

2100 to 2200 – Return to the Peak Tram Station and then take bus to Central MRT中环站. Once get down from the bus, follow the map go to Queen Road Central then turn right and walk to Lan Kwai Fong兰桂坊 – D’aguilar Street德己立街. We dinner at Wong Chi Kei Noodles and Congees黃枝记粥面店 and take away the Roasted Goose & Barbecued Pork with Rice from Yung Kee Restaurant镛记酒家.

2200 to 2130 – Go to and eat dessert at Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert许流山.

1. Hong Kong Ocean Park opens daily from 1000 – 1930.

2. Madame Tussaud’s opens daily from 1000 – 2200.

3. Remember to remind the driver to stop you at Ocean Park – Wong Chuk Hang黄竹坑 bus stop if you are not sure. Once get down from the bus follow the signboard for 10 minutes will reach the Ocean Park.

4. You need to queue up at the special counter if you have purchased the Ocean Park ticket from the tourist agent.

5. Remember to touch your Octopus card at the middle of the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator to enjoy the discount of HKD 2 for the day travel from Wan Chai, Central and the Hong Kong subway station.

6. You can whether walk or take taxi to Garden Road Peak Tram Station. It’s around 20 minutes walk from Queen’s Road Central to HSBC Headquarter Building then turn right and go straight.
The Famous Porridge In Hong Kong - Ting ZizhouStop At Wong Chuk Hang Bus Stop Then Walk To Ocean ParkThe Entrance Of Hong Kong Ocean ParkThe Smaller Size Of Panda - Red Panda Or Sometime Called Fire Fox(Ailurus fulgens)The Cutie Panda Eating BambooThe Close-Up Shot For The Cutie PandaThe Ocean Park Cable Car Opening HoursTake Ocean Park Cable Car To The WaterfrontThe Jellyfish1@Hong Kong Ocean ParkThe Jellyfish2@Hong Kong Ocean ParkThe Jellyfish3@Hong Kong Ocean ParkThe Jellyfish4@Hong Kong Ocean ParkThe Pantyhose Milk Tea@Lan Fong YuenThe Hong Kong Pork Chop Bun@Lan Fong YuenThe Hong Kong Night View Of Victoria HarbourThe Night View Of Hong Kong From The Peak Sky TerraceThe Yung Kee RestaurantThe Roasted Goose & Barbecued Pork With Rice From Yung Kee RestaurantThe Pork (Front Leg) With Noodle In Soup@Wong Chi Kei Noodles & CongeesThe Beef Noodle In Soup@Wong Chi Kei Noodles & Congees

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