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Hong Kong Trip Itinerary For 5D4N – Day 1

I had back from Hong Kong for almost 3 months, because recently there were so many projects rushing to production therefore only now I’m free to filter the photo and share the Hong Kong trip itinerary.

This was my first oversea trip in year 2011. We had planned and booked the ticket for quite long time ago since Airasia launch the low cost air ticket promotion on April 2010.

For those who are planning to go Hong Kong in coming time I will suggest to schedule longer if possible because 5D4N really not enough and rushing. Although we are not able to visit all the hotspot but at least some of the famous places we managed to go like women street女人街, Hong Kong Ocean Park香港海洋公园, Lantau Island大屿山, Madame Tussaud’s杜莎夫人蜡像馆 and Macau.

Day 1

1000 to 1100 – Reach LCC Terminal and park the car at the free parking zone.

1100 to 1320 – Check-in luggage and wait for boarding.

1320 to 1710 – Depart from Malaysia to Hong Kong International Airport.

1710 to 1740 – Check-out and collect luggage then go to purchase Hong Kong mobile prepaid card for local call and contact.

1810 to 1845 – Take bus (No. A21) from Hong Kong Airport to Bank Centre银行中心 in Mong Kok旺角.

1900 to 1930 – Check-in Railei Hotel威利莱酒店.

1930 to 2100 – Take bus (No. A1) to Star Ferry Public Transport Interchange尖沙咀天星码头 watching the Symphony of Lights show at time 2000 sharp each night over the Victoria Harbour.

2100 to 2130 – Dinner at McDonald and Café De Coral大家乐 in StarHouse Plaza星光广场.

2130 to 2145 – Take Ferry from Star Ferry Public Transport Interchange to Wan Chai Ferry Pier湾仔码头.

2150 to 2230 – Walk to Golden Bauhinia Square金紫荆广场.

2230 to 2330 – After that we walk to the Bus station that just opposite the Pier and go to Causeway Bay铜锣湾.

2330 to 0130 – Take MTR from Causeway Bay back to Mong Kok exit D3 and walk around the Women Street– Tung Choi Street通菜街.

0130 – Back to hotel and rest.

1. Remember to take the free Hong Kong Map before you leave the airport.

2. Suggest buying a MTR Card – Octopus八达通卡 for just only HKD 150. It’s very convenient if you have it because you can use it to pay for transportation fee and food.

3. The Railei Hotel is the newer budget hotel in Mong Kok and we are satisfied with their service. If 2 person I will suggest to take the medium room otherwise you will very hard to fit in the luggage because the room really small.

4. You need to reserve the room as early as possible if you have more than 4 people because the Railei Hotel only has 4-5 medium room.
The Medium Room Of The Railey HotelThe Toilet Is Just In Front Of The BedThis Clock Tower Is A Landmark In Hong Kong Which Located On Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry PieThe Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry PieThe Symphony Of Light Show Over The Victoria HarbourThe Cafe De Coral In The StarHouse PlazaNight View Of The Famous Golden Bauhinia Square

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  1. Mandy 28-04-11 22:25

    Can I know if Railei Hotel is close to MRT? Is the place is safe to stay for girls? How much is the cost for 4pax room per night? thanks

  2. nooneknow2009 29-04-11 11:26

    1. Yes – It’s very close to MTR and you can find it just behind Wai Fung Plaza (Sai Yeung Choi Street). Besides, if you want to know more about the place you can use Google map to zoom-in until the end then you will see the live video which connected to the CCTV around the area.

    2. Although it’s not 5 star hotel but I stay there for 3 nights I feel quite safety and comfortable. I saw a group of girls to stay there also when I reached. Besides, I came across some forum also give a very positive comment for this hotel.

    3. Regarding the cost I think you should check it out from their official website or call to the hotel directly (852-2393 9090). Last time I was calling (because the DIGI IDD call is cheaper than local call) to check and confirm the date, because the time I went is peak-season so I need to confirm immediately.

    The lady who work night shift is quite friendly and usually she will request you to deposit 1 night payment to the HSBC account once you have confirmed the date.

    Remember don’t buy any jewelry, the dried seafood around there especially (大华中西药房) because this shop have many cases file by the visitor.

    Welcome to ask if you want more information.

  3. daniel 17-05-11 15:41


    Which room you took? Is the small room really small?


  4. nooneknow2009 17-05-11 19:21

    The exact size for the small room I’m not too sure but my colleague told me the small room only enough to sleep and the luggage have to put on the bed.

    However the medium room also not so big but enough for 2 person and can put the luggage on the floor and still have space to walk.

    Many people will recommend reserving the medium room – the price only different HKD 30

    I booked the medium room and the time I visited temperature only 11°C so I feel quite comfortable for this budget hotel.

  5. daniel 19-05-11 09:04


    Which local bank did you go to, to transfer the deposit to the hotel? I do not have HSBC account. I went yesterday and they said they don’t do cash transfer unless it’s from my saving account with HSBC.

    Thanks again :)

  6. nooneknow2009 19-05-11 10:00

    You can either
    1. Use your friend’s account to do the transfer.
    2. Call to the hotel and inform her that u don’t have HSBC account and the bank not allow u to do oversea fund transfer because you don’t have HSBC account.

    I’m using the second option.

    At first she’s not really believe me but by showing her my sincerity so I call her few time to check for the room status. In the end she trust me and reserve the room for me and I also keep my promise to stay at this budget hotel.

  7. daniel 19-05-11 11:25


    Your blog topic are very informative :)

  8. Eunice 18-08-11 11:09


    How do you think about deluxe doule room plus one single bed on floor? can this room put laugaget on floor?

    Some ppls said that the lift was terrible as cannot reach at ground floor. They need to climb to 2nd floor the only can get the lift.

  9. nooneknow2009 18-08-11 17:30

    then u have to call to check.

  10. Melissa 02-09-11 16:25

    Jus wan to know at nite, i mean midnite, is it safe for girls walking on the street to the hotel?

    Is there any wifi in the room?

  11. SmallCheese 03-09-11 01:34

    There is no safe place in the Earth.

    The safety condition changes over the time, no one know when it will become worse.

  12. nooneknow2009 05-09-11 13:25

    I back to hotel quite late also and for me I can say ok but for girls then no comment.

    I didn’t check the WIFI, but there is a public computer available to use (internet provided). For security reason better don’t use that machine for any personal data, check news and travel hotspot is ok.

  13. SmallCheese 06-09-11 02:05

    The site owner and the author do not hold responsibility for comments about personal safety.

  14. polkadivas 03-01-12 17:25

    How to book a room online? Do you have Rai Lei Hotel official website?

    Can use the visa card to make payment?

  15. nooneknow2009 03-01-12 19:35

    Please refer to the official site

    I actually call them to reserve the room and clear the payment by cash when I check-in. If you would like to pay by credit card then you need to call them and ask for information.