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What Is The Best Way To Wait For Death?

Being a person without strong belief in religion, sort of free thinker, I just think about what would be the best way to wait for death if I know ahead of that sad ending.

If that is decided and out of one ordinary man’s control, there is no reason to fear. Indeed, I should say “thank you for letting me know of this firm decision in advanced”, as I can prepare for the departure :)

Here are some choices, my options, for this subject:

1. Make a responsible will, if there are valuable assets to give. Most importantly, say sorry to those you’ve hurt or for not being able to spend more time with in life.

2. If still fit physically, go participate some adventurous activities or expeditions, like bungee jump, skydiving, deep sea or pole exploration, lengthy backpacking trip, etc. This thinking is better (positive) than committing suicide, isn’t it?

3. Register for organ donation, if there will be good organ for people who need and appreciate it.

4. Lay down at the beach of a remote island, perhaps one in the Pacific Ocean, to enjoy beauty of sunset and galaxy of stars after the night falls, as well as the peaceful of utopia.

What about you? Have you ever thought of something like this?

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