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The New Yonex Nonospeed 9900 XFULLERENE Racket

Last week my friend bought a new Yonex Nanospeed 9900 racket from China-Shanghai via – the online wholesales trading site.

The racket seems has a very good quality even though it wasn’t a genuine product (because of the selling price). The racket has a very nice design and very light to play, especially the frame design can reduce air resistance when smashing.

The racket design really looks exactly same as the Yonex genuine racket but the price really very big different. Although that may be a fake racket but I’m happy to have 1 so long the quality of the racket meets my expectation. Another reason for me to buy a new racket is because I feel a bit heavy and no power when using the old racket to perform jump smash.

Below is the detail information for the racket:

Place of Origin: Japan
Model Number: NS9900
Grip Material: PVC
Length (cm): 67.4
Brand Name: Yonex
Shaft Material: Carbon
Weight (g): 85
Price : USD 24 (In eBay the selling price is between USD 25 – 50)

The package included : 1 Yonex racket grip and a carrying bag
The Yonex Nanospeed 9900 RacketThe Frame Of The Racket That Design To Reduce Air ResistanceThe Package Included A Yonex Racket Grip And Carrying Bag

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