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How To Check Whether It Is A Fake Or Genuine Yonex Racket

How do we check and confirm whether the racket we have is a fake or genuine Yonex racket? The fake racket is really hard to differentiate, because it’s really looks exactly like the genuine racket.

I have come across the Yonex official site regarding the fake racket issue, so I post them here for your reference. If you still worrying about whether it is a genuine item, the best way is call to the Yonex call center and give them the serial code and cone code to verify.

Here are the tips for checking

Tip 1 – Hologram sticker is hard to peel
Each genuine racket will attached with hologram sticker and it is difficult to remove or peel off due to the special glue used.

Tip 2 – Yonex Logo
The logo and the Yonex label are printed clearly and less space between the character Y and O. normally the label of “YONEX” for the genuine racket is printed in thick.

Tip 3 – Check production number
Yonex is using the laser technology to print the production number to the shaft. There are always two code printed (serial number and cone code). The cone code has format DDMMYXCC where DD is for day, MM is for month, Y is for the year and CC is for the country code.

If the product only launch to market on year 2008 but the cone code for the racket stated the production date is 2005 then automatic know this is a fake racket.

Besides, it can be produced on 2010 with Y = 0, if such the case then you have to check the serial code.

If serial code start with 7 and follow by 6-digits – The cone code “Y” most probably is 7 or 8
If serial code start with 8 and follow by 6-digits – The cone code “Y” most probably is 8 or 9
If serial code start with 9 and follow by 6-digits – the cone code “Y” most probably is 9 or 0

Tip 4 – Color of the racket butt cap
The fake racket normally has a light green color for the butt cap.

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  1. Gary 25-05-14 13:15

    In real life, the serial number thingy seems a bit complex or confusing e.g.., one of my racquet has 32 (Cone code) before letters. Does it men the racquet was built in 2003 or 2013. Now I know it can’t be 2003 as ArcSaber 11 was introduced much later. So is my racquet fake? Well I have the document supplied by yonex distributor with all details except the year of production. Everything in 0403YXJP makes sense except YX. To clarify it further, i would ask a question – what will be the ‘YX’ for the one built in 2014?

  2. Imran 20-03-16 16:38

    Yonex arcsaber tour 33
    Shaft number
    Cone number

    Is this racquet genuine or fake

  3. Sid 23-04-16 10:00

    Pretty confusing. I have a Voltriz Z Force II LD with the cone code as 190037SP and the serial code as 8820371. I cannot make out the date from the cone and neither the year. Would this be fake ?

  4. dung 28-06-16 20:49

    I have just bought a yonex: voltric 5. The cone code is 140464FR and the serial code is 3397177. Would this be fake ?

  5. Ngoc 04-10-16 06:07

    Yonex Voltric Force LCW
    Serial code: 1807385
    Cone code: 280744UK

  6. Anees 11-10-16 11:35

    I hav just bought yonex Voltric z force2 .shaft number is. 7586528.and cone number is 050763 ID

  7. Raja 26-10-16 22:32

    I have a Voltriz Z Force II LD with the cone code as 1905521D and the serial code as 6421319. I cannot make out either original or fake. Would this be fake ?would be happy if anyone able to help me?