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The Solar Cell Charger For Multiple Electronic devices

Last week I came across a forum that introduce the solar cell charger and I quite interested in the solar technology so I had ordered one to play around. In Malaysia you can find this natural resource (Sun Light) easily because most of the time is a sunny day.

This is a portable Lithium-ion 2600 mAh battery that can be recharged from any USB port, Ac power or from the Sun. If the solar charger just putting under the sun it’ll automatic recharge the battery if the switch turn to “In” or charge the electronic device if the switch turn to “Out”.

Below are some points of using the Solar Charger:
Emergency Charger – Convenient the people who need to charge the mobile phone immediately like in the jungle, hiking or fishing.

Equip with LED Flashlight – Can use as torchlight when camping in the jungle.

Safety For Use – Equip with the over-charge protection which effectively extending the battery life.

Multiple Output Port – It is suitable to use for most of the devices like digital camera, Nokia mobile phone, GPS Device, PDA or MP3 Player but not to I-Phone.

Different Output Voltage – It allows to choose or adjust the output voltage to suit for the devices from 4.5V to 9V.

Save The Earth – Use green energy to protect the environment.
The Box Of The Solar ChargerThe Solar Charger DeviceThe Solar Charger Equip With Multiple Output HeadMultiple Output Head And The Cable That Use To Connect The Solar ChargerOne Of The Option To Get The Solar Charger Recharge By Using The AC PowerThe Multifunction LED Indicator For Recharge Mode And Battery CapacityMultiple Voltage Output Selection And The LEDThe LED Light From The Solar Charger

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