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Beware Of Using Touch and Go Card In Malaysia If You Have More Than 1 Card In Your Car

Last week I encountered a technical problem where I was misuse the wrong card to touch out at the toll and the entire balance for the “wrong” card had been automatic deducted until “-Ve“.

In that situation I had to ask the officer came to reset the machine so that I could use the right card to touch out. After I exited the toll I start thinking how come the balance will become negative, is the negative sign just indicate that it was not the right card? I was so confusing the negative sign because I just top up the day before for MYR 50 and the card balance should be able to clear the fee at MYR 2.20. I quickly went to the customer service center to request the balance inquiry and I felt sad because confirmed no more balance in the card. I tried to explain the case incident to the staff and the officer request me to fill up a form and wait for at least 30 days for investigation and refund.

After this case I only know the stupid machine/system is unable to recognize the wrong card. By right the machine need to reject the card or alert the user if the card is different from the one to touch in and not to deduct the balance until negative. First I just thought the machine can not verify the card therefore show negative value, after I raise the problem I only realize the stupid system really behave like this.

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  1. nooneknow2009 18-04-11 22:07

    Finally I got refund for the extra charge after approximately 2 months process.

  2. Mickie 16-06-11 12:18

    halo~~now i doing the assignment about the touch n go system ~~~can i ask u some questions ^^? u mean u use the wrong card, is it other card or what ? the machines rejected ur card and then malfunction? the gate also not open even though u use back the touch n go card?

  3. nooneknow2009 19-06-11 08:48

    2 cards:

    Card A : this is the one to touch in.
    Card B : this is the one to exit toll.

    First I use the wrong card (card B) to exit ,so the balance automatic deducted until –Ve. After that I realize that I’m using the wrong card so I use back the Card A to exit and so the balance deducted as per set in the system and gate open. The reason I was not satisfied with the system is because it deducts my balance for the wrong card, what I will expect will be:

    If card B touch out, the system detected that is the wrong card, it must throw an error message on screen or at least trigger the alarm, but NOT to deduct the balance straight away. If people didn’t aware it and make report then this balance go to whose pocket?