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Authentic Thai Cuisine At Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant Wangsa Maju

Opposite the entrance of Carrefour Wangsa Maju, there is one restaurant offers fine dining experience with authentic Thai cuisine at reasonable price.

If so happen you’re at Wangsa Walk Mall or visiting friends staying at Riana Green East KL during raining reason, the spice of Thai cuisine maybe a good choice to satisfy taste bud and keep cold away.

One good point to mention: It was raining when we stepped out the restaurant and the car was inside Carrefour car park. The receptionist in Thai costume voluntarily offered umbrella to cross the road together with us!

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Sri Ayutthaya Thai Restaurant at Wangsa Maju, opposite of Carrefour entrance.The Riana Green East KL condo, the only high-rise building, a 36-storey tower with some units facing KL skyline.Decor inside Sri Ayutthaya Thai restaurantIced lemon tea, RM 5.90 each.Hot lemon tea, simply Lipton red tea added with slices of fresh lemon.The bar and cashier counter.The Thai style of sweet and sour chicken, RM 15.90 each for small dish.Fried petai and prawns with belacan, RM 19.90 each.Tom Yam Gong

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