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Unable To Remove MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 (KB973686)

Today I encountered a problem when installing the MSSQL Server Express 2005. I keep on getting error and I suspect it may due to the MSXML SP 2 has been corrupted hence I try to uninstall it. However, I fail to remove the existing MSXML 6 service pack 2 (KB973686) from the machine.

Hit Error When Installing MSSQL Express 2005
Hit Error When Installing MSSQL Express 2005

I started looking for solution from Google of how to remove it and finally I found the way to remove this corrupted application by using a tool called “Windows Installer CleanUp Utility”. Once the application removed, I was able to install the MSSQL express 2005 successfully to the machine.
Download :
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

This tool is very easy to use

1. Install the tool and run it after installed successfully.
2. Select the program that you would like to uninstall from the lists.

The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Tool
The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Tool

3. Highlight the program and then click “Remove” button.

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  1. Aruna 13-06-11 15:37

    The post is really very helpful. It helped to install MS SQL which was giving the same error.

  2. Tim 23-09-11 00:32

    Excellent post…thank you, this same problem was happening with us and this fixed it…great work.


  3. Rockstar 16-11-11 07:34

    Thanks a million.
    The pot was very helpful

  4. Sona 21-07-12 20:19

    thanks….. for providing such valuable solution

  5. SREERAJ 20-03-13 19:50

    Excellent. This has helped me a lot. Thank you very much.

  6. Shankar 11-04-13 18:44