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How To Find A Credit Card That Suit For Your Needs

There are many type of cards offer by the banks with different type of convenient/rebate/discount to the applicants. We as a consumer, how to find which is the best credit card that suit for our need?

Until last Aug 2010 I’m still a multiple cards holder from Citibank, UOB Bank, HSBC Bank but after the Malaysia government implement a new finance policy where all cards holder will be charged annual fee MYR 50 for principle card and MYR 25 for supplementary card, then I start looking for a single credit card that really can suit for all my monthly expenses to reduce the annual fee charges. Finally I came across OCBC website and found this OCBC Titanium card. This is really the best card for me after I compared with other banks. I would like to share how this card (OCBC TITANIUM CARD) rebate me when I pay for every single cent.

Monthly Expenses
Fuel – MYR 300 (5% rebate – MYR 15)
Shopping – 100 (5% rebate – MYR 5)
Bills – 50 (5% rebate – MYR 2.5)
Others – 100 (1% rebate – MYR 1)

OCBC Titanium Card Rebate Rate
OCBC Titanium Card Rebate Rate

From the calculation above I save MYR 23.50 for the month. Imagine I save MYR 23.50 per month and a year I can save for MYR 282.

The Card Statement That Show The Rebate Amount
The Card Statement That Show The Rebate Amount

Some other bank also may offer such rebate program but the rebate ONLY valid during the promotion period, Saturday/Sunday, specific merchants and etc. Sometime the rebate only entitle for certain condition meet like minimum spending of MYR 100 per transaction.

Start from first day I hold this OCBC Titanium Card I will swipe without worrying all the above said condition/rule anymore, because this card will give me rebate anytime, anywhere and any transactions I make with the card.

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