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VMware Tools Download For VMPlayer

Are you looking for the VMware Tools to download for VMplayer 3?

Recently I need a new virtual environment for coding, therefore I use the latest VMplayer 3 to setup the environment. After I completed installing the OS and as usual I will install the Vmware tools first before I proceed to install other applications. When I click on the “Install Vmware Tools…” menu option, I found that the application try connecting to the VM official website to download the tools. I wonder if the users install offline like me then how do the users can complete the installation.

I try to look for the installer in VMplayer folder but I only found a file called “upgrader.exe”. I give up trying after some time because it’s wasting my time, then I use my own solution to solve it by installing VMserver to another computer. After installed the VMserver and I power on 1 of the virtual machines and extract the Vmware tools from the VMserver 2. I put the installer to the virtual machine that runs on Vmplayer and I manage to install the tools successfully.

If you are looking for the tools you can click on the link below to download the installer for your convenient.

Download link : VMware Tools For Windows

After unzip the file, just double click “setup.exe” to install the tools.

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  1. rob 29-07-11 19:36

    thanks man, I was looking for this shit exe few hours. fuck why anybody from official vmware site add this file to download…:/

  2. nooneknow2009 30-07-11 09:37

    Yes….I wonder why there is no such “plug-in” available from the site also.

    I disappointed because when I try to install online it keeps return error saying the connection fail, that’s why I created this offline tool and share it here to help those who facing the problem.