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Medan Trip Itinerary For 5D4N

This is my recent trip itinerary to Medan – Indonesia in year 2010. I went there with 3 other friends so we can share the expenses especially the taxi fare.

Day 1
0500 to 0630 – Reach LCCT airport and park the car at Tune Hotel.
0630 to 0740 – Queue up for the trip check in and obtain boarding pass.
0740 – Depart from LCCT to Medan
0730 to 1400 – Depart from Medan airport to Toba Lake. After we reach Parapat pier (Tiga Raja harbour), we take a ferry to Tuk Tuk.
1400 to 1800 – Check in Bagus Bay Hotel and rest
1800 to 2230 – Dinner at Bagus Bay hotel and walked around.

1. I recommend to book the taxi driver before you depart to Medan
Driver email:
Driver h/p: +628163114740
Price: 1,500,000Rp

a. Medan to Parapat – Normal 4WD car
b. Parapat to Berastagi – Toyota Avanza
c. Berastagi to Medan – Toyota Innova

2. Parking at Tune Hotel will charge MYR20/day or MYR2/hours.
3. To reach Bagus Bay hotel you must take the ferry to Tuk Tuk.
4. Every Wednesday the hotel will have the traditional Badak dancing at 8.30pm.
5. The fare for the ferry is 7,000Rp per person.
6. If you would like to rent a motorbike on the following day, you need to reserve with the hotel one day early.
7. There are many mosquitoes around, so advise to always close the door and window.

Day 2
0700 to 0830 – Wake up and eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant
0830 to 1600 – We rent a motorbike to travel around the Toba Lake. (Museum, The famous white beach, Hot Spring)
1600 to 1930 – Go to Tomok town buy souvenir and dinner.
1930 to 2230 – Back to hotel and plan for next day schedule.

1. The restaurant of the hotel opens at 0800.
2. Recommend dinner at “New Restaurant” at Tomok town.

Day 3
0600 to 0700 – Wake up and checkout.
0700 to 0830 – Reach Parapat pier and eat breakfast (in front is Raja taxi station).
0830 to 1500 – Depart from Parapat to Berastagi (Siantar Hotel, Sipiso-piso waterfall).
1500 to 1640 – Check in Wisma Sibayak Guest House and go to the town walk around.
1640 to 1900 – Rest in the hotel.
1900 to 2100 – Go to the town for dinner and walk around the night market.
2100 to 2300 – Back to hotel and plan for next day schedule.

1. The ferry to Parapat pier will start at 0700 everyday.
2. Recommend to try ginger tea at Siantar Hotel.
3. Recommend to dinner at “Europal Resaurant”

Day 4
0700 to 0800 – Wake up and eat breakfast
0800 to 1600 – Go to Gunung Sibayak Volcano and Hot spring.
1600 to 1700 – Check in Mikie Hotel.
1700 to 1900 – Dinner at the shop around the Hotel
1900 to 2300 – Back to hotel and plan for next day schedule.

1. Taxi to Gunung Sibayak is around 150,000Rp to 200,000Rp
2. Advice to take a tour guide around 200,000Rp so that he can guide to the peak easily.
3. The Hotel theme park only open on Saturday and Sunday from 0930 to 1800

Day 5
0700 to 0930 – Wake up and then go to restaurant breakfast
0930 to 1200 – Enjoy our time in theme park
1200 to 1400 – Depart from Berastagi to Medan Airport.
1725 – Depart from Medan back to Malaysia

1. From Berastagi to Medan need around 2 hours, sometime the driver will advice you to depart early to prevent traffic jam but you can decide your own according to your flight schedule.
The Medan AirportThe Parapat PierThe Badak House We StayThe Bagus Bay RestaurantThe Toba Lake ViewThe Purple Flower Found In Toba LakeMy Dinner Set In Bagus Bay RestaurantThe Only One Museum In Toba LakeThe Traditional Badak House In The MuseumThe Rice PaddyThe White Beach In Toba LakeMy Dinner Set In New Restaurant At Tomok TownThe Raw Coffee BeanThe Siantar Hotel To Taste The Ginger TeaThe View From Sipiso-piso WaterfallThe View From Sipiso-piso WaterfallThe Nice View From Sipiso-piso WaterfallThe Wisma Sibayak Guest HouseThe Berastagi TownThe Flowers Look Like A BallThe Rock At The Peak Of The VolcanoThe Sulfur Found On the GroundThe View From The Peak Of The Sibayak VolcanoThe Peak Of The Sibayak VolcanoThe Day View Of Mikie HotelThe Night View Of Mikie HotelThe Mikie Hotel Theme Park

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  1. inascully 01-10-10 12:20

    hi..just like to much the taxi rate can i get from mr.husaini from polonia to berastagi only? Planning to visit berastagi-toba-medan may 2011.Thanks!

  2. nooneknow2009 01-10-10 14:59


    Actually you can either send him an email or sms him directly. He is very kind to reply your mail with detail information as you like.

    Last time we got request him to quote us some package like the one below for 1 million Rp (RM 360).

    Parapat to Berastagi
    Berastagi to Medan

    For your case i guess will charge you around RM 150 just from Airport to Berastagi. To confirm the price i will suggest you to email him because the price may change.

  3. inascully 01-10-10 19:44

    hi again..on d way from parapat to berastagi,can he stop by in case we’d like to visit interesting places along d way?thanks!

  4. nooneknow2009 02-10-10 09:58

    Yes, you can but you need to inform the driver because there are two directions to reach Berastagi.

    You just need to inform the driver where is the place you would like to go or ask for suggestion(because every time the driver is different, so when you meet the driver only inform him will do) then he will arrange for it but the price may be different (extra charge).

    You can plan to go Sipiso-piso waterfall, that is a very nice place to take photo.

  5. Jennifer 18-10-10 03:30

    Hi, thanks for the wonderful information! :D

  6. CHIEW WOAN JING 02-03-11 12:21


  7. nooneknow2009 02-03-11 13:41

    Are you sending request to this email address?

    If still nobody reply you may be you can call this No.
    ( +62 6254 51287)
    * Digi IDD call just MYR 0.43 per minute.

    The Mikie Hotel – I book via (www
    last time I booked the rate cheaper than the price show on the hotel webpage

  8. CHIEW 04-03-11 23:59

    Thanks for your information. In Berastagi I will stay at Tongging a nice scenery place near Sipo Sipo.

  9. sherry 27-04-11 11:57

    hi, i would like to know how much u have spent for the above trip 5D4 N medan trip ?

  10. nooneknow2009 27-04-11 12:20

    for me and my gf – around MYR 1200-1400.
    my frie alone – less than MYR 600.

  11. YenYen 26-07-11 18:11

    Hi, just read ur info. Is vy useful for me.
    I plan to have a trip at Lake Toba and Berastagi, but is hard to find a budget hotel. Can i get the email or contact no for Wisma Sibayak Guest House? I really need ur help, thanks….^^

  12. nooneknow2009 28-07-11 09:45

    Really sorry…I couldn’t find the contact no.

    I think it shouldn’t be any problem if walk-in because we also do that way without any plan for the schedule change. If really unlucky there is no available room, perhaps you can get help from the driver like what we did last time.

  13. YenYen 30-07-11 19:21

    ok….thanks ya…..^^u are so kind…^^

  14. Jarett 23-11-11 10:52

    I will have a 6 day trip to Medan, Berastagi dan Toba. But I got problem with the transport, may I ask how the driver? is that he will come and pick-up on the date we want or all along the trip? I plan to go from airport to Toba dan 2 night there before going to Besrastagi and 1 night there and 2 nights in Medan.Thanks in advance.

  15. nooneknow2009 23-11-11 12:59

    No worries!

    Once you have confirmed the trip with Husaini , on the date u arrive he and the driver will wait u at the Airport. After that the driver will fetch u to the destination then the driver will leave. Every trip may be different driver and that depend on the company arrangement.

    Basically, u just need to let Husaini know the date and time for the trip and he will arrange the driver to pick u up and inform u where to wait for the driver.

    I may suggest u to purchase a local simcard for contact between u and Husaini for the transport arrangement.

  16. Wan 22-02-12 11:01

    Hi, i will be travelling to Medan with my bf this coming March. I wonder if i get taxi service like yours, how do we travel in the town/ village itself? We cant cycle or ride a motorbike. Are all walking distance or we need to call a tut-tut or taxi along our visit? Thanks

  17. nooneknow2009 22-02-12 12:06

    I don’t know which town you are referring to? Berastagi or Toba?

    Berestagi – Yes, you can walk around.
    Toba – No, but you can hire someone to carry you to the destination. The price may be expensive as you need to pay for the rider.