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DIY – How To Replace Spark Plugs Wires

How to replace spark plugs wires and when do we know is time to replace? Here, I would like to share my experience of how to check and replace spark plug wires so that you can DIY if problem occur. Actually it doesn’t hard to DIY if you dare to try.

I’ve a Toyota SEG AE111, and recently I realized that the tachometer (RPM) quite unstable especially while stopped at the traffic light. I noticed the tachometer keeps jumping in between 0.9 – 1.1 RPM (x1000) with very fast switching. I can feel that the car seem like wanna break down. At first I thought it is due to the battery problem, but after I called my friend to explain the situation and finally I found the problem that it was actually the spark plug wires problem. After I replaced the new spark plug wires and my car now had back to normal and the RPM more stable than previously.

Steps To Check The Spark Plug Wires
1. Do the checking at night or wait until it is dark outside.
2. Start the car engine and then open the hood and remove the wires slowly.
3. When removing the plug wires from the cylinder you must check carefully and look around the wires, if the wires light up meaning the wires are bad.

* If the wires are in good condition, they won’t light up when the cable surface close to the engine. Only the head of the wires will light up because it connected to the plugs.

Steps To Replace Spark Plug Wires
1. Turn off the engine.
2. Open the new plug cables and see whether are they labeled, if the new cables aren’t then lay them down and label them by the length of wires.

Lay Down The Spark Plugs Wires And Label Them By Length Of The Wires
Lay Down The Spark Plugs Wires And Label Them By Length Of The Wires

3. Advice to remove and replace the wire one by one.
4. When removing cable from the distributor cap, remember to loose the gap first and not to remove by force.

Loose The Gap Only Then Remove The Cable From Distributor Cap
Loose The Gap Only Then Remove The Cable From Distributor Cap

5. Normally the manufacturer will deliver together with a plastic slot that use to hold the cable so that they don’t rub against each other or touch on any part of the engine.

After Replacing A New Set Of Spark Plugs Cable
After Replacing A New Set Of Spark Plugs Cable

1. You can replace only those broken wires, but I prefer to replace 1 set (4 wires).
2. Don’t think to save cost and replace the low quality of spark plug wires, because it doesn’t worth if need to pay more in future for the maintenance.

The Seiwa Spark Plug Wires
The Seiwa Spark Plug Wires

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  1. MiniBug 01-08-10 12:59

    Just wonder the dangerous index of this DIY.

    You said turn on the engine and remove the spark plug wire – will that sparking induce explosion??

  2. nooneknow2009 02-08-10 10:17

    No problem…even u drive to the workshop the technician also using the same way to check the plug wires. If u check it 1 by 1 and shouldn’t be any problem because there r another 3 plugs functioning to burn the fuel. I guess although u remove all 4 wires oso no problem just will cause the engine turn off only.

    NOTES : Remind u to do checking 1 by 1. After checking remember to install it back to the proper condition only remove the second wire. Don’t remove all 4 wires at the same time.