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The New Technology Of Spark Plugs – Plustar Pulse Plugs

The fuel price keep on increasing so how do you drive against the expensive fuel today? With the new technology of Spark Plugs – Plustar Pluse Plugs it may help in burning the petrol more efficiency.

With installing the Plustar Plugs you can save from spending more fuel to get the same performance, because The Plustar Pulse Plugs uses an advance technology to make every drop of gas burn better and cleaner.

I tried it to my 13 years car – Toyota SEG 1.6 Auto, and I feel that after I replaced the new Plustar Plugs, the car generates more power compare with previous Spark Plugs. In the early morning the car can be started easier and faster. However the result may differ from car to car and the age of the car may be the key factors also. since it gives different output from each other therefore for those interested to try will need to note that. The plugs can be installed by default, but you can adjust the gaps of the Plugs in between the Heat Range Cone and the Ground Strap to follow your car manufacturer recommended gaps if it doesn’t meet your car standard.

The key features of the Plustar Pulse Plugs are:
– Improved throttle response
– Better fuel economy, reduced unburned hydrocarbons and reduced misfires
– Contain inconel alloy electrode
– Integrated peaking capacitor to store and release incoming ignition energy
– 50,000-mile expected life
– Made in the USA
Plug-ComparisonThe Plustar Cover BoxThe Plustar Pulse PlugsThe Close Up Image Of The Plustar Plug

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  1. Serena Lim 12-12-10 20:52

    How much does it cost? Can you recommend where can get Plustar Plugs?

  2. nooneknow2009 14-12-10 15:25

    The cost is MYR 70 per plug and it is abit expensive compare with other spark plug.
    like toyota SEG need 4 plugs mean 70*4 = 280.

  3. beng 29-07-12 22:53

    Can i get pulse plug for fz150i????
    Help me!!!!??