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How To Record Object On The Popup Window In QTP 10

As per title, I believe many of you are looking for the answer? I having researched many website but still can’t get a solution of how to accurately record the objects on the popup window in QTP. I start thinking is that the configuration problem that causing QTP unable to record the object? Finally I found that it is because of the IE problem.

On the earlier posted, I have shared the way of trigger the button on the popup window but it is not suitable to use for more than 1 button on the page. After trying so many ways I start to think might it be the IE problem? Then I try to downgrade the IE see whether it works or not. I downgrade from IE8 to IE7 then IE6 and surprisingly the objects can be recorded in IE6. Although some objects still not able to record but it is much better than other IE version.

First, I reset the [Web Event Recording Configuration] from basic event level to high event level. This will increase the possibility of success in capturing the objects.
Tools – Web Event Recording Configuration

Reset The Web Event Recording Configuration Level For QTP 10
Reset The Web Event Recording Configuration Level For QTP 10

After recording, I need to filter off some scripts that are not necessary. That is because I reset the event capturing to high level, so whatever actions perform during recording will be recorded.

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