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The Chiling Waterfall In Selangor State

Are you looking for a waterfall to picnic on weekend? Yes, the Chiling waterfall may be your choice because many people comment that this was the most beautiful waterfall in the Selangor state.

After passing the Selangor Dam, there is a short bride and you should start looking for parking after that. You can only park your car at the roadside, therefore suggested don’t keep your valuable belonging in the car. You will reach the campsite or open field after 5 -10 minutes walk from the entrance. You need to pay for MYR 1 to the officer at the counter before you can start trekking to the waterfall.

General Information :
Open To Public – Tuesday to Sunday
Visiting Hours – 8am to 6pm

You need to cross the river few times and becareful when crossing because there are very slippery stone under the river. After 1 hour you may reach the checkpoint for picnic. If you would like to continue you will reach the peak for another 1 hour. If you decided to stop at the picnic checkpoint then you can go swimming and enjoying to feed the fish in the river. You are not allowed fishing but allowed to feed them with food like bread. The fish seem like not food for many days, because whatever we threw to the river they eat also but we don’t know whether it will go to their stomach or not. It was really a relaxing place.
The Signboard Of The Chiling Waterfall At The EntranceThe Main Entrance To The Chiling WaterfallThe Way To The Fisheries Department Office And The Open Field CampsiteThe Contact Information Of The Fisheries DepartmentRules And Regulations For The Chiling WaterfallThing That Need To Be Followed By The VisitorsThe Chiling Waterfall Direction MapThe Only One Short Bridge As The Starting PointThe Jungle And Wet Road Is The Only Way To The WaterfallThe Jungle View Along The Way To The Chiling WaterfallThe Special Blue Color Leave That Appear In Chiling WaterfallThe Unknown Young Leave With Chestnut ColorThe Chiling WaterfallThe Chiling WaterfallThe Chiling WaterfallThe Chiling WaterfallThe Chiling Waterfall

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