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How To Recover RHEL 5 Installation Number If You Lost It?

While preparing a plan to reinstall Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2, you find out the RHEL installation number is missing and wonder is there a way to recover or get back the installation number from the installed system?

Well, the answer is yes as you wish, with reference to RHEL 5 Installation Notes.
Starting with RHEL 5, Redhat introduces RHEL subscription number, a.k.a. installation number or registration number, to determine what features or packages are entitled for user’s subscription.

Two simple steps to recover RHEL 5 installation number from installed system

1) Login as root,

2) Uses the cat command to display the installation number that kept in the plain text file:
cat /etc/sysconfig/rhn/install-num

If there is this install-num, there you will get back the “precious” RHEL installation number.

What if you have formatted the RHEL 5?

Well, that maybe too bad or maybe not.

Normally, branded server like HP, DELL, etc, does provide recovery CD for restoring the server to the state as it was delivered to client. If the purchased server should come with licensed OS and software, those components should have also been included in the recovery CD.

If you have such recovery CD, then reinstall the server with this recovery CD and try to see if there is a copy of install-num file.

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