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FOC Or Commercial Antivirus? Which One Is The Best?

As per title actually that is really hard to justify which one is the best software, because it is depending on how the user run the computers in what circumstances. I can say there is no perfect antivirus but is just the user behavior. Of course if we have antivirus installed better than nothing.

I believe for those who use to connect internet may have antivirus installed, so that it can prevent the harmful virus destroying the computer. If Windows file corrupted we can re-format or repair, however if file corrupted then there is no way we can recover and sometime we are lucky perhaps can recover for 90%.

Choosing a correct or trusted antivirus is a painful decision. Commercial or FOC? Here I would like to advice people don’t think that purchasing expensive software will give you a good protection, sometime FOC software can deliver better services than the chargeable one.

Story 1

Few years back, I did a testing by downloading an exe virus file from internet and then install successfully where I have Symantec with latest definition file installed. How surprise the antivirus didn’t prompt me! After that I perform scanning and now the antivirus prompt me that my computer being attacked by a Trojan horse. After I deleted 1 infected file there are few more files attacked by the virus, at the end I format the computer. I don’t have important file inside because I purposely test the antivirus.

Story 2

There is an incident just happens recently to Coles stores where 10 percent of the cash registers being knocked out after performing update from McAfree. This happened is due to the McAfree misidentified the Windows code as malicious code therefore it cause the computers reboot.

If the above stories happen to the open source or FOC software then I don’t have comment, but what’s the reason for me to purchase software to harm myself? Now I’m using Avira V10 and so far no reporting error. I quite satisfy with the services from this free antivirus. Avast also has a good rating from the user feedback.

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