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Where Is Google Cache? How To Use Google Cache?

Very often I heard people asked this question: What is the URL or web address of Google Cache service? Well, don’t laugh, nobody born to know everything in day 1.

Unlike Google Translate, there is no such Google Cache URL, at least for now. Google Cache is one of the many Google Web Search functions or features that have no dedicated URL to refer.

To use Google Cache:

1) Just go to Google Web Search text box and add the keyword cache: in front of the URL that you would like to see:

Where is Google Cache service?

2) There is this “cached” link in each of the Google Web Search results, except for those web pages that do not allow Google Web Search to cache or snapshot on them. If there is this “Cached” link, just click that will do:

Where is the Google Cache service?
With reference to Google Webmaster Tools Help on Remove a page or site from Google’s search results, a web page will not be available in Google Cache database if it is not visible to search engine crawler (a.k.a. web spider).

3) In Google Chrome web browser, just use its Address bar as Google Web Search text box:

How to use Google Cache service?

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