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May Spoil The Devices If Charging Via USB

Are you the one who use to charge your mobile phone or electronic devices by connecting it to the computer via a USB port? If yes then you have to aware whether the power supply from USB port is suitable for the devices.

Recently I came across an article shared by a person who had spoiled his mobile phone because of charging via USB port. He charged the device for quite some time and one day he totally could not on the phone. After checking the technician told him this is due to improper charging and advice not to charge the battery via USB port in future.

The reason for not using USB to charge the phone is because the (amps) is different from recommended. Some devices require 0.5A and some require 1A that’s depending on the manufacturer. Took an example of mobile phone, it requires 5V 1A however if connected to computer and the USB port only can provide 5V 500mA which is lower 500mA than the recommended.

The Power (amps) Available Per USB Port Is Only 500mA
The Power (amps) Available Per USB Port Is Only 500mA

I prefer to charge my device with the given charger and use after confirm the power is correct.

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