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The Feng Shui And The Color Of The Car

Last month I came across a Feng Shui website and I found 1 interesting topic that related to the color of the Car.

Referring to the Hong Kong well known Feng Shui expert – Master So, he mentioned that if you drive with an unsuitable color of car may bring you unlucky thing. Before I bought my car I never know that the color will have such reflection to the owner, but luckily I get the correct one. Anyway, this is just for reference and no one can 100% prove that it is true, but for those Chinese I believe they really will consider the color before they make an order.

First, Master so break the people into 3 main groups by date of birth.

Group 1(驚 蟄)*6th of March until 6th of May
Group 2(立 夏) *6th of May until (立 秋)*8th of August
Group 3 – Not fall into the above group.

*The starting date may be differ from year to year, some time 1 day early and some time 1 day late. But, it will list down on the calendar every year.

Color of the Car
Group 1 – Green, Dark Green, Red, Orange, Purple
Group 2 – White, Gold, Silver, Black, Gray, Blue
Group 3 – No special color for this group, but is more suitable to follow group 2

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