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Pollinate Passion Fruit

It is very EASY to plant the passion flower or passion vine (Passiflora) but it is VERY hard for it to naturally bear aromatic, tempted passion fruits.

This is especially true if the passion fruit vines are grown in backyard within a crowded residential area where you hardly find lot of bees, butterflies, etc, to pollinate the passion flowers.

How to pollinate passion fruit flower?

Image by Neil Fuller - click it for high resolution image at author site. Honey bee pollinates pollen of passion fruit flower from stamen to stigma.Without enough insects to act as pollinator, the passionfruit flowers hardly fertilized simply counting on wind, water, etc, because of the following factors:

1) The unique passionfruit flower structure:

The passion fruit flower structure

With reference to above diagram taken from passionfruit pollination handbook, the anthers with pollens not only appear lower than stigma but also facing downwards to the floral axis and against the pollen receivers.

Thus, the pollens are much easier to fall down than blew up even the stigma is adapted to catch or tap the pollens.

2) Short life span of the blossom – the passion flowers only open and last for few hours. Usually the passion fruit flowers open at dawn and close about noon, which will likely to bear fruits as that is the active period of pollinators.

Sometimes, however, the passionfruit flowers only open at late evening and close before dawn! This is exactly what happen to my passion flowers :-( Needless to say, the chance to see them bearing fruits is almost zero, as all the natural pollinators are not working after the sun goes down!

To fix this exception, manual pollinating is a must! There are some photos in the gallery showing you how to do hand pollination, if you would like to turn the passion flowers into aromatic fruits.
The First Passion Fruit After Hand PollinationThe size of passion fruit two weeks after hand pollination.Passion-Fruit-Flower-01Passion-Fruit-Flower-02Passion flower going to bloom.Young passion flower before open.Semi-open passion flower.Full bloom of passion flower after rainfall.Passion-Fruit-Flower-07Passion-Fruit-Flower-08Passion flower going to closePassion-Fruit-Flower-10Using Adobe Photoshop to apply negative effect on passion flower.Passion-Fruit-Flower-13The striking passion flower at bloom give off aromatic scent.Passion fruit vine trained on trellis made of few bamboo sticks by mom at countryside home.The main stem of passion fruit.The guide of doing hand pollination on passion fruit flowerUsing cotton bud to pollinate passion flowers.Passion flower pollens at anthers.Dried tendril of passion fruit vine.Tendril-Of-Passion-Flower-02The symbol of relationship.A typical pattern of passionfruit tendril.Singature of passionfruit tendril.Tendril-Of-Passion-Flower-06Tendril-Of-Passion-Flower-07Water drop coming out from the cone of passionfruit tendril.Tendril-Of-Passion-Flower-09Natural pattern crafted by passion flower tendril.Tendril-Of-Passion-Flower-11Tendril-Of-Passion-Flower-12Tendril-Of-Passion-Flower-13Tendril-Of-Passion-Flower-14Always together!Giant leaf and stunning tendril of passion fruit vine.Image of Neil Fuller: Honey bee to pollinate pollen of passion fruit flower from stamen to stigma.The passion fruit flower structure, taken from

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