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How To Disable Beep Sound In VMware

If you are setting up testing environment in VMware then you may find that the beep sound actually quite annoying. If you think so then here is the solution of how to disable it.

The beep sound will be triggered when there is something error encounter. In our physical machine we have installed the sound card and driver so normally will not trigger the beep sound. However, in the virtual machine because of improving the performance the increase disk space available normally unused devices will not be installing and sound device is one of them. Hence beep sound is triggered when there is an error.

Windows XP
1. Right click [My Computer] and then select [Manage].
2. Under [Computer Management] select [Device Manager] to highlight it.
3. From the Menu bar select [View] then click [Show Hidden Devices]
4. Expand the Menu for [Non-plug and play drivers]
5. Double click on the [Beep] item and go to [Driver] tab and click [Stop].

For Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can follow the same procedure as long as you can find and open the device manager.

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