Small Cheese

Hiked Bukit Tabur West At 615am

This is the fifth trekking trip at Bukit Tabur, third time using west trail and FIRST time to hike Bukit Tabur in the dark. I know that some trekkers even start at 4am to catch the KL city night scene in the very early morning.

We started at 615am or so, as the 2nd team to start hiking at west trail on that day, I believe. Although we missed the great sunrise, the fog blanketing the Bukit Tabur East is not bad to enjoy and photography too.
A natural shelter with giant stone cover atop, found in Bukit Tabur West trail.The sunrise view of Klang Gate Dam reservoir from Bukit Tabur West. It looks like sunset, because the photograph was taken in sunset mode setting.Another shot of Klang Gate Dam reservoir from Bukit Tabur West trail, using Landscape mode setting.Another sunrise view of Klang Gate Dam from Bukit Tabur West, taken in sunset mode setting with Lumix TZ7.A random image taken on the ridge of Bukit Tabur West. According to Sony GPS logger, this picture was taken at altitude 442m above sea level.Cemerlang Heights, the residency of the wealthy big cheese, near to Terminal Putra.A giant leave tree seen on the way down from the ridge of Bukit Tabur West.The Bukit Tabur West trekking trail is no short of rocky path and rock climbing.Fog blew up from Klang Gate Dam reservoir blanketed the Bukit Tabur East.Foggy sunrise view of Klang Gate Dam reservoir and Bukit Tabur East.Looking at such thick fog covering Bukit Tabur East, I bet the trekkers over there at that time had a great challenge to proceed.Misty sunrise view of Klang Gate Dam.Landscape view of Bukit Tabur East in the misty morning.Close up view of the peaks of Bukit Tabur East, blanketed by thick fog blew up from Klang Gate Dam.The baby petai on the tree cultivated in orchard at Bukit Tabur West.If you never seen the petai flower, take a chance to make a round trip at Bukit Tabur West trekking trail.The close-up view of the petai flower. Guess the stinky smell of petai is already exists in flower and thus attracting flies to busy around it.Another close-up view of little petai on tree.The princess flower, a.k.a. glory bush or lasiandra, growing in the wild at Bukit Tabur West. Some Chinese folks like to cut the branch and decorate it with artificial peach flower during Chinese New Year.Spider taking its breakfast at Bukit Tabur West.Marco shot of spider taking on its prey.Another shoot of spider eating the unlucky ant.

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