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How To Make Emergency Call From GSM Phone

Mobile phone is very convenient device for us; especially in Asia country the demand is much higher than western country. The mobile phone is the device that we will bring along to anywhere but did you know how to make emergency call by using this mobile device?

Most GSM mobile phones have 112, 999 and 911 as pre-programmed emergency numbers that are always available even your telco service is unavailable in the jungle. As in Malaysia the emergency call number is *112, once the call activated the operator will answer your call within few second and will make report to the relevant parties.

* Note: Don’t think to try whether the number is working because the number is reserved for whom require a help only. I can say this number is 100% guarantee available 24 hours because i had tried in Chinese New Year 2.30am.

I have some information to share from my experience when you making an emergency call. To increase the efficiency, kindly provide clear information as below.
Case : Fire/Accident/lost or any other
Location : Where the incident happen as detail as possible, if can provide the road name is better.
Severity : How urgent you need help from the parties.

Hope it may helpful !

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