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How To Use Vacuum Cleaner To Climb Building Wall?

Jem Stansfield might able to make you as the next vacuum cleaner spiderman!

While daredevil Alain Robert, better known as French Spiderman, proves human is capable to climb up the world tallest buildings with one’s bare hand, the British enterprising scientist demonstrates viability of using just two household vacuum cleaners to climb up building wall of any surface!

The illustration taken from Daily Mail shows how to turn the vacuum cleaners into wall climbing machine:

How does the vacuum cleaner works as spiderman machine for wall climbing?

The BBC video taken from YouTube, shows how Jem Stansfield materialized his idea of using household vacuum cleaners to assist one climbing up building:

By turning household appliance motors into giant sucking gloves, Mr. Stansfield, an aeronautics graduate, demonstrated how to climb up a 100ft sheer aluminium-based building:

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