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How Did Alain Robert Climb Petronas Twin Tower?

On the 1st of September, 2009, the French Spiderman Alain Robert made 3rd attempt to scale Petronas Twin Tower, the once world tallest building, and did successfully climb up to the summit of Petronas Twin Tower as the building security failed to stop him from proceeding further.

The Channel 4 Daredevils programme filmed his stunning scaling on his bare hand until he stood atop the summit of the steel structure. For those who missed the show, you may watch the official footage of how the French Spiderman scaled Petronas Twin Tower on YouTube.

The following screenshots are taken from the said Channel 4 Daredevils footage. Apparently, these static images are not as attractive as the video.
Alain Robert, a.k.a. French spiderman, successfully scaled to the summit of Petronas Twin Tower.

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