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Footage Of Amber Chia Stripe Shooting For PETA

Just stumble upon the official behind the scene footage of Amber Chia stripe shooting for PETA ad. PETA is dubbed as the world’s largest animal rights organization, operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

If you have seen Avatar directed by James Cameron, you may regard PETA members as Na’vi (the indigenous species of Pandora).

Although I doubt the impact of PETA and the celebrities posting can change situation drastically in the near future or in the next 100 years, I am certain that PETA existence is necessary to keep more people aware of the said principal.

In the humankind history, the natural supporters can proudly defend that they had done necessary efforts before returning their borrowed energy. (Think I am still indulging in fantasy of Avatar and Pandora)

Amber Chia Strip for PETA, a.k.a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Some higher resolution of behind the scene images are available at Amber Chia Fan Page @ Facebook or download the footage of Amber Chia strip shooting (leave me a comment if you found the official footage at YouTube).

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